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Why start a U.S. Company as a Non-Resident?

October 10, 20223 minute read
Why start a U.S. Company as a Non-Resident
Why start a U.S. Company as a Non-Resident
Why start a U.S. Company as a Non-Resident?

One of the most crucial decisions a business owner must make is where to incorporate their firm. It may be tempting to start a corporation in your native country, but depending on your needs and goals, it may be more beneficial to incorporate in the United States.

Benefits of Setting Up a US Corporation as a Non-Resident

Setting up a US corporation as a non-resident is an excellent way for international investors to get tax exemptions and avoid double taxation.

A US corporation can be set up as a non-resident of the United States if it meets the following requirements:

  1. The company must not have any US resident shareholders or directors,
  2.  There is no business activity in the United States,
  3. The company does not maintain an office or other physical presence in the U.S.,
  4. The company does not hold assets in the United States and
  5. The company is not engaged in any trade or business within the U.S., including activities of agents, dealers, and service providers who are acting on behalf of the corporation outside of the U.S

There are innumerable benefits to establishing a business in the United States, but the top three are as follows:

  1. Access to 300+ million customers
  2. Access to US business services (including banking, credit cards, loans, Stripe, and Paypal).
  3. Credibility and trust among potential consumers

Access to 300+ million customers

An audience that you would not have been able to reach if your company had not been incorporated in the United States is now within your reach as a result of having a US-based organization. Having a firm in the United States makes it easier to sell to clients in other countries.

Access to US business services (including banking, credit cards, loans, Stripe, and Paypal).

Any company planning to extend its activities in the United States must have access to business services offered in the country. To transmit and receive payments from clients, all businesses, but particularly internet firms, require access to services such as Stripe, PayPal, and US banks.

The Takeaway:

Most of our clients set up American firms to obtain access to the American market, reduce their personal exposure, and use the American payment and banking system. Tax advantages (paying less tax on income earned in the United States) and personal liability protection are other advantages.

Since the United States has consistently had a larger per capita GDP than other countries, success is attainable and common.

If you are ready to take the steps to open your business in the US, make it easy and convenient for you to start your business in less than 5 minutes.


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